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A quick look into how Ryan Cole got started acting

June 7, 2013

  I got into acting about four years ago. Director Scotland Thompson needed someone to fill a small part in a film and he asked me if wanted to be in a movie. I was super excited, even though the part was really small and I had no lines I said I would do it. I must have done something right because he asked me to do another small part in a movie. I think he could tell that I had fun and I wanted to be in more movies. Eventually I got a supporting role in a short that Scotland was directing. We filmed it in one day at mansion for about 10 hours, and it is still one of the best acting experiences of my life. I got a few more supporting roles for a while until one day Scotland wanted to shoot some test footage with a new camera lens. The test footage looked so good we decided to make another short Clarity Directed by Scotland Thompson and DP’ed by Trevor Swaim. Clarity ended up getting into the Action on Film Festival in California which is the first film festival I had ever been in. Later that year we made a horror short titled Bag which won a horror festival in Iowa. After Bag Scotland offered me my first staring role in a feature film called Zerpes which we recently finished. Hopefully I will have a lot more staring roles in films to come. For me its really just about loving acting and having fun with it.

Ryan Cole


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