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Ghost School for sale!

The latest game from Protect the Rabbit games is out now. Check it out on the Game Crafter


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Been Awhile

It has but I have a lot coming soon so stay posted.

The Film Weekend

Weekends for most people is a time to relax go out with friends unwind from a difficult work week. For indie filmmakers the weekend is usually packed with 30+ hours of more work.

The typical weekend schedule will look like

Friday: 7-pm to 2am This gives people time to get off work and get ready.

Saturday: 8am to 10pm not too early and not too late it is Saturday after all.

Sunday: 8am to 6pm. This seems pretty reasonable on paper but usually paper is the only place times like that are seen.

What usually happens is this.

Friday: Holy Sh!* it’s 10pm and we haven’t started filming. Followed by Holy Sh1* it’s midnight and we haven’t started filming wasn’t in 10pm like 5 minutes ago. Ending with Holy Sh1* it’s 6am Saturday, why are those birds so loud. People start going towards their designated sleeping places, which is usually a dozen or more crammed in a crew members house.

Saturday will start out with 1 person trying to wake everyone up by noon. Less than 6 hours of sleep for the smart people and probably less than 2 hours of sleep for 95% of everyone else. Even though no one has slept everyone is surprisingly energized and ready to film, well maybe everyone is surprisingly actually alive and ready to film. The first part of filming Saturday will consist of caffeine and a LOT of it. Everyone is trying to recover and caffeine is the only way to do it. As the evening approaches everyone will be blasting off on a caffeine and sugar high. You will get a lot done and probably catch up from the late start Friday. As Saturday turns into Sunday morning usually around 2am filming will wrap for the day. Someone will say Wow it’s 2am if we go to bed now wake up at 8am and we will be on track to get everyone done filming by 7ish. This is always followed by Holy Sh1* it’s 8am and we haven’t even slept yet.

Sunday more caffeine and starting filming around noon. Most people will have accumulated 4 hours of sleep at this point. It has to be some kind of movie magic because miraculously you get all your shots and everyone scrambles home to get into bed by midnight. Even more miraculously everyone shows up to do it again next week.

Scotland Thompson


Zepres The photo interview

Zepres The photo interview

Here is one of the pages from Ryan Cole


Zerpes Photo Interview sneak peak

Zerpes Photo Interview sneak peak

We are planning on doing a photo interview soon for Zerpes. We will have lots of cool guest photographers taking pictures along with the cast of Zerpes answering questions and saying random stuff. Here is a sneak peak


Zerpes Official Poster

Zerpes Official Poster